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I'm a student and software developer with a passion for technology and building things. I love contributing to open source and tinkering on my own projects. You can also find me working on CTFs ( writeups published here!) every now and then. I'm always looking for new challenges to solve and projects to work on in my spare time. My passion is using technology to build cool stuff and make a positive impact.


A few of the projects I'm currently working on/recently worked on. See the projects page for more.

├── Typescript
├── Webpack
└── Material Design

Ultraviolet is a MediaWiki userscript for patrolling and counter-vandalism. Vandalism on public wikis like Wikipedia is widespread and requires volunteer moderators watching for disruptive edits at all times. Ultraviolet provides a user friendly user interface for performing common moderation tasks to 120+ active users (as of November 2023).

├── AstroPaper
│   ├── Astro
│   └── TailwindCSS
└── Cloudflare Pages

This blog/portfolio website, built using the AstroPaper template by @satnaing and contributors. Automatically built and deployed through Cloudflare Pages' Github integration.

└── Cloudflare Workers

A small Cloudflare Worker to proxy Google Fonts in a privacy-preserving manner. Supports caching proxied fonts/stylesheets and automatically rewriting URLs in returned stylesheets.


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